It is beneficial to play simple poker at low limits. Here bluffs and other tricky moves can only bring problems, and money is mainly given by opponents who outplay weak hands. At medium and high limits, you will not be able to follow a template, almost every action must be chosen, adjusting to a specific opponent.

Working on the game

Poker is like a sport, like any athlete, the poker player must constantly train and improve. There are various tools for this: books and articles on theory, programs for analyzing the game, discussions with other poker players. In gclub you can have the best choice there.


Anyone who wants to become a poker professional cannot do without special poker software, especially trackers. The most popular software in this category isHoldem Manager, Poker Tracker and Hand2Note. They save the hands played and show various statistics for each player.

Holdem Manager appearance

With the help of poker trackers, you can evaluate your opponent’s playing style and choose a strategy that will bring the maximum benefit. Other popular auxiliary programs are poker calculators, table scanners. In recent years, many poker rooms have banned the use of any software or individual utilities. Check the poker room rules for such software before using it while playing.

Parsing sessions

The analysis of the sessions played is the main tool for improving the game. Analysis of hands allows you to find mistakes and make better decisions in the future. Analysis can be done using poker trackers. It is better to analyze the session as early as possible after its end, while it is easy to reconstruct the course of your own thoughts during a particular rally and to understand the reason for your actions at the table. You can flag controversial and interesting hands using poker programs.

The tracker will not help you to know how to win a hand in poker during the session. But regular analysis of game situations allows you to remember the basic calculations and make more accurate decisions on your own.

Books and Articles

There are many books and useful articles written about poker. Most of them are devoted to exactly how to win online poker. We reviewed the main ones in our list of the best poker books. It has useful publications for beginners, experts, Holdem and Omaha fans, MTT fans.


Some professional players conduct individual and group coaching online. Personal lessons are more effective, but more expensive. In the classroom, the coach analyzes the hands played, points out mistakes, and gives advice on how to correct them.

Before you pay for training and start practicing, it is better to get as much information as possible about the future mentor. Ask for his statistics, read reviews of his work on the poker forums. In addition to really good coaches, sometimes there are scammers or players who greatly overestimate their ability in poker and training.

Talking hands

Many poker sites or social media groups provide the opportunity to lay out and discuss your hand with other users for free. A fresh look from the outside will help you find mistakes in the chosen line. More experienced players can leave their comments, whose opinion is worth listening to. You can upload the played hand to the site using special hand converters.