There is no doubt about it, football is the most loved sport on the planet. It is therefore no wonder that online football betting is also immensely popular. You can bet on football all year round. Every weekend the football calendar is full of interesting posters, and squatters are also constantly on the program during the week.

Most attention will go to the Dutch Eredivisie, but there are many more leagues that attract attention. The Spanish Primera División, Italian Serie A, English Premier League and German Bundesliga are doing well with the Dutch football fan. The Europa League is also very popular and the Champions League duels are the absolute icing on the cake. Football betting is as entertaining as it is exciting.

Game manual

In joker88 sports competitions, most people will immediately think of football. And that is not without reason. Football is also on top in sports betting. There is therefore a lot of gambling on everything that has to do with football. Who wins, who scores the first goal, or which player is sent off first.

  • Each sport has its own rules and there are also different betting systems within football betting. The most common betting options, of course, are picking the winner, but there are other sports bets that make it even more exciting.
  • A high profit can be achieved by combining a number of football bets in addition to the single bets via the so-called combi bet. You can also bet on multiple matches or game options using multiple bets. You will notice that the odds immediately rise. With a modest effort you can still make a nice profit.

Settings and options

Betting in on sports has been moved to the internet for a large part of the betting office. You can gamble on football quickly and easily behind the laptop or even on your smartphone. The profit margins can be read on the site or in the app. This gives you a glance clarity about how much money you can earn on every euro you bet.

Two steps are important when placing an online bet. The first step is to create an online account, the second is to place the bet yourself. Once your account has been created, the tension can start immediately: 1-0 for you.

If you are in your online account, you will see all sports matches where you can bet. Most providers offer a handy overview of sports duels that are of interest to you. The idea while playing is simple. Select the sport, the match and the game element you want to bet on. For example, gamble on the final score, the score at rest, individual performance or even peripheral conditions.