As wesay, your opponents are more likely to believe in your game if you take defeat in a fun way and do not lose your head. But, in addition, they will be much more relaxed about their own failure if you do not gloat over them. Be the polite winner and loser. If they played a weak hand and lost, you can convince them that sometimes you play those hands too (and you were lucky).

Taking it in the Right Way

Instead of criticizing the hand that beat me, as some professionals sometimes mistakenly do, we often say, “I didn’t think you had such a combination. Believe it or not, I won twice with the same hand yesterday. I don’t always play her, but I am amazed how often she wins. Maybe this is the hand of the month?”Smile and be cheerful. Think how different this behavior is from when your opponents feel uncomfortable with a bad game. Consider, too, how much more money you can make from these players in the future, just because you showed that you won’t criticize them for playing poorly and simply because you are okay with them (and they are with you).

Everything is correct

Opponents will make a few extra calls for you with hands on the edge simply because they like you. But this will only happen when they are sure that you are not very sensitive to defeat and that you are also at risk.

If you keep talking about the weird pranks you’ve had (but call them good pranks), your opponents will tend to believe you.

Achieving a high class in this skill is almost an art. You run the risk of looking strained and funny as you practice. But the end justifies the means. Ideally, you advertise yourself once, and opponents think you are playing a frivolous game all the time. And that means a lot of extra calls for you and yourจีคลับ bankroll.

Do not claim that you are bluffing a lot

Claim that you are not bluffing as much as everyone says. It will have a good effect and is much easier to believe.

Be careful when promoting yourself

Your advertising costs may not pay off if:

  1. Not everyone is watching your game carefully
  2. There are few players temporarily in the game
  3. You are not going to stay in the game for long
  4. Your game may be interrupted
  5. The game is very loose and looks so crazy that your ad will not be able to add extra bets.

In tournaments

Do not advertise yourself if your table is about to be finished. Advertise (if you advertise at all) just before raising your limits.

Advertising yourself in poker is an art. You have to practice. Ideally, you should get people to talk about your game, then you don’t have to tell them yourself. When this happens, you can significantly increase your bottom line. Again, you should be bluffing and promoting yourself a lot less than your opponents think.